Server is now up 24/7!

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Server is now up 24/7! Empty Server is now up 24/7!

Post by arkantos1222 on Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:16 pm

Since I am the new hoster, the server is now up 24/7! For those of you who have quit the server, please, come back again! If you had a staff position, you will still have it but all the character files will be reset if Danny and Andrew are okay with it. Now, I don't want to put Danny down since he did a good job, but I believe I have more experience than him (and also more time on my hands lol) in coding so any problem will be fixed faster. By the way, I need someone to connect on the server to see if it works properly. Smile

Note : I'll make a topic about character files reset and other server related stuff. Post it only in that topic. Don't post your problems here.

R.I.P. Danny's un-24/7 hosting lol (no offense Razz)

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Server is now up 24/7! Serverimg-2604

Server is now up 24/7! Admin

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