Odyssey's forum staff app redone :)

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Odyssey's forum staff app redone :) Empty Odyssey's forum staff app redone :)

Post by odyssey on Mon May 02, 2011 12:27 am

Ingame name: Odyssey... im going to be making a maxed pure or pk pure named pureodyssey

Other staff positions before? Well ive been an admin once on a server called darkzcap3 and mod twice on corruptionx 0.0 never been forum staff but sounds a like a good start.

age: 15 will be 16 on june 9th Smile

A bit about me? o.o why would you want to know huh? what you wanna stalk me? creeper much? jk xD.. my real name is tom.. i live in vegas.. Smile umm i like to bike whenever im not a nerd.. and i love to just chill and roleplaying is fun Razz

This should be a bit better then it was Razz

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