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Post by ili on Sat Apr 23, 2011 3:31 pm

Hey i think i could be a great moderator beacuse i will dedicate lots of time to help new and old player and try to prevent bad language. I wont lie i am really bad at doing applications beacuse i dont know what to write but all i can say is that i will be a good and faithfull moderator for the server and i really enjoy playing it and it would be like a big bonus if i would get the chance.

What i can do for the server.
1.Prevent bad language.
2.Help all players with as much as i can.
3.Contribute with a great community
4.Contribute with a great experience when you play CataclysmX.
5.Always be polite.
6.I will do as much as i can in my power to help the server grow.

When i will be on.
Monday-Friday=16.00-21.00 or more and maybe in the mornings 06.00-07.45 Smile
Saturday-Sunday 09.00-12.35 i eat lunch at 12.35 and after i will be on to 16.00 to eat dinner and then to 21.00 or more Smile
This might not hold every day but i will try to.

Well now i cant say so much more i can just keep my thumbs crossed and hope for the best.
Thank you for your time.

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