Category: Weapons
Stackable? No
Tradable? Yes
Tips: bring good armour (rune or better)
bring some food ( monkfish or better )
bring your prayer potions for 'protect from melee'
bring good weapons ( atleast dragon )
Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell
Examine Information: A Weapon from the Abyss
Item Uses: Wield for Combat
Item Options: Wield, Use, Drop, Examine
Requirements to Wear/Wield/Use/Make: 70 Attack to wield
Respawn Location: None
How To get: The abyssal whip is dropped by abyssal demons at the slayer tower , click the monster teleport in the magic book tab and choose 'slayer tower'. Once there, you will see a staircase on the map, reach it ( just click your mini map , it's easier ) once you've climbed it , you can climb the other one, wich is located juste a little bit west of the last one ( it's the only one on that floor anyways ) . Once up , you will find the abyssal demons . They drop the abyssal whip but don't think you'll get one right away! it can take some time!.
Dropped By: Abyssal Demon
Notes: This weapon has a Special Attack: This attack is more accurate and, if successful, will transfer 25% of your opponent's run energy to you (consumes 50% Special bar). You can't effectively train Strength with this weapon.
Information By: Mod Dan, Kurogin Game Studios